tiistai 18. maaliskuuta 2014

Mixed post xD

Like u might have seen i haven't been posting lately so here is a little post of what has happened in my life :)

We went to Ruka at the vacation. There was si much fun and it was kind of different if i compare to earlier vacations:D i only have one picture because there was freezing so i couldn't take more pictures xD

These pictures are just something i took x)

 Not muchūüėÖ

And last weekend was ny grandpas 60th birthday :D we took some pics with ella 

And few funny pics and i live that disney movie Frozen so here is few pics i found about it xD

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torstai 16. tammikuuta 2014

January <3

After little bit long time i have few pics again i've made:) i thought that i put few wonderful pictures in this post because i live them and i actually can't copy them in my way, so there they are and first pictures are by me and lastest are the other pics:) here we go :D

I've been lazy for doing these and that's why i've made only three pics xD

And my favorite:

perjantai 6. joulukuuta 2013

Happy Indepence day:)

Personally, i hate watching that movie, but anyway every year it comes on tv, i watch it. And every time i cry. I just can't imagine their pain and that position in there and how they can have that team spirit and how they are joking about war. RIP for all those who died in a war.


Here is few pics i made today bacause it was boring:D i think i post twice today, because i'm going to make more pictures :)

Meillä oli eilen ysientanssitkin:) kaikki oli ihan innoissaan ja mokaili mut ei kukaa antanu sen häiritä:D

torstai 28. marraskuuta 2013


This post is about my bestfriend, so i can show her how important she is for me.

We had a fight about week ago. But you can't have a bestfriend without any fights. Anyway, the fight made me respect her more, that i used to did. She told me things, that i had to hear, and i'm glad that she said them, because without them, i couldn't know how she felt.

I met her first time in nursery school. She and her that time bestfriend were my first friends in the city. I became as a new child, and i was alone at first. They took me to play with them. We were just friends whole elementary school. At high school we became bestfriends. She is in a different class, but we can still keep our friendship alive.

20 facts of her:

1. She's beautiful.
2. Her name is Katariina.
3. She has long dark brown hair and big brown eyes.
4. She scares ants.
5. She thinks movie titles sounds better in english.
6. She has the most awesome makeup collection.
7. She has beautiful style.
8. She's always herself.
9. She dances.
10. She likes Harry Potter.
11. She have expensive taste.
12. She loves Ted Baker.
13. She wants to be adult already so she could buy expensive clothes.
14. She really knows how to keep secrets.
15. She is supportive.
16. You can tell her anything you want.
17. She has good sense of humor.
18. She is true friend.
19. She is reliable.
20. She's the best, and i'm the one that really knows that.

I love u:*ūüėėūüíēūüíē❤️
And i appreciate for being there when i need you ūüėėūüíēūüíē

torstai 24. lokakuuta 2013

Turkey ❤️

I wanted to do this post in english, because we were last two weeks in Turkey Alanya ❤️ This post is very long, and there is a few old pics I've done. I'm very sorry because pictures are so small ūüėü I did this post on my iPad and I have no idea how to make them bigger. Well I try to learn it to next post, but this is all I can do right now ūüėä


Sain matkalla jopa tietää, että Batman on ehkä myös kaupungin nimi xD

Tulihan niit√§ nyt pari kuvaa tehty√§kin... ūüôą

      Thank you for reading ! Love you ūüėė ~ Nona ~